As an animal rescuer, I see a lot of terrible things. Unthinkable acts of abuse or neglect performed by seemingly ordinary people inflicted on nothing but innocent animals. Witnessing these acts or the aftermath them will truly change you. It changes the way you think. You lose trust in most. You lose faith in humanity. 

Tuesday morning Maricopa County Animal Care and Control responded to reports of a “stray” dog in awful condition. Upon arrival they were able to secure the animal. The field report states that residents of the area the dog has been like this for a long time. FOR A LONG TIME?! Our hearts shattered when we read that. His medical reports are as follows…

10/15/19 13:49 Upon exam dog was BAR, BCS 3/9 underconditioned, MM pink, CRT <2s, intact male.

Microophthalmia noted OD (right eye). Tongue protrudes from mouth, no mandible palpated along the right side of the jaw, left mandible palpates as small, does not appear to be articulating with upper jaw. Dog is missing majority of teeth, both upper canines are fractured/worn. Ddx: past healed truama, past surgical removal, progressive degenerative disease affecting the jaw, open.

Dog also has a 4/6 systolic heart murmur, heard on both the left and right, loudest over the left. Housing in clinic to observe appetite/ability to eat. Due to medical issues dog is NSFA, OK to NH/Rescue. Dog will not be having surgery at MCACC.

If no outlet can be found by end of stray wait, move to E-list. If dog’s condition declines prior to due out we may need to humanely euthanize. Dog readily ate canned food when offered. Dog is very protective of food.

Yesterday evening, Elli saw a picture of this little dog sitting at the shelter. When we saw his mouth hanging open we literally gasped. Elli grabbed her things and flew to the shelter. He needed out now. When shelter staffed carried him out to her, she bawled. It was so much worse in person. How does this even happen to an animal? He is missing the majority of is jaw, his tongue just hangs and drags. It appears that his eye has been puncture causing the globe of his eye to shrink back into the socket. He is missing half of his ear. You can literally see every bone of his tiny dachshund shaped body. He is shocking to look at. It is so very sad.

We have decided to name him Wilbur. We will likely never know what this poor animal has been through but I assure you, he will never experience anything so awful ever again. Saving Wilbur was not planned but it was necessary for his life to continue. If you are able to contribute toward his cost of care and treatment, we would be forever grateful. Even in his condition, this little dog is sweet. Wilbur’s skinny little tail went wild when he met Fancy at the vet clinic. After a few toothless snaps, he watched Elli and I with Fancy and decided to trust. He let me pick him up and put him on my lap. He burrowed his head under my jacket and was falling asleep while we pet him. It is amazing how resilient animals can be after all they have been through. Thank you for helping us #SAVETHESTREETDOGS