“We are not a cat rescue”. I have mumbled those words a trillion times and it is really starting to feel like I am lying through my teeth. The reality is, we will rescue any animal in need that crosses our path. Goats, sheep, horses, chickens, ducks, coyotes, javelina, badgers, dogs, cats & the list goes on… Over the weekend this beautiful creature came into our lives. She was originally found by a wonderful family who took her in and began advocating for her. She has likely hit and dragged under a car. She was in awful shape. With the help of our friend Shannon Cbd Shutack, she was taken to see Dr. Gilson at Pet Urgent Care. While at the clinic, I spent some time with her I really don’t know how she survived whatever she went through. She was missing the skin on her paw pad, leg, stomach, and part of the ear. The infected road rash was worse than I have ever seen. Her leg and jaw were broken. We offered to help her and the family graciously accepted.

I would like to introduce the newest member of Sky Sanctuary, Twilight. This cat is wonderful. Even with her rap sheet of ailments, she is the sweetest kitty ever. Yesterday, Dr. Gilson amputated her back leg, repaired her jaw & closed the abrasion on her abdomen. I honestly think she felt SO much better after surgery because she was all meows, sitting at the front of her kennel when I went to visit last night. I am sure she is relieved. There are a few items that we could really use to care for Twilight & (spoiler alert) another sweet kitten with medical needs that we rescued this weekend. I have linked our Amazon wishlist below if you are so inclined. I am so grateful for the finders and rescuers that showed Twilight the most sincere form of human kindness and ultimately led her to us. Our team adores her already. THANK YOU for giving Twilight a second chance by supporting our mission to #SAVETHESTREET…EVERYTHING.