As many of you saw Squirrel was adopted into a loving home. Unfortunately a few months later this little girl woke her mommies up very early having a difficult time breathing. She was gasping for air. Jen & Amanda rushed her to the emergency vet where they discovered a large mass in her thoracic cavity that was pressing against her trachea. The two doctors at the emergency room told her mommies that she didn’t have much time left… maybe a day or so. They prescribed a steroid to keep her comfortable for the next few days until the time comes. We were devastated. 

After many tears and one long sleepless night, we decided it was important to get a third opinion. Her records and radiographs were sent over to Doctor Gilson to be reviewed. After a CT and many vet visits totaling over $3,000 we were told a surgery could save her life. This surgery is an additional $3,000 but Squirrel will forever hold a special place in our hearts. When we saved her from the shelter we promised to do everything in our power to give her the best life possible. Our rescue will always stand behind our dogs whether they are in our immediate care or with their new families. Squirrel is one incredible dog and we are not letting her leave this world with out a fight. 

Squirrel’s Wishlist