It has been just about a month since this sweet old man was found on the side of the road. A nice couple saw a dog wandering along the side of a busy intersection. The dog was weary at first but thankfully, the couple had alot of experience in fearful dogs and knew just what to do. They were able to gain his trust with the help of another dog and some yummy treats. When they realised the awful condition he was in, they put out a plea for help on social media.

We knew this sweet senior needed our help. If you were at all familiar with the breed, Golden’s medical issues are never a “quick fix” they are almost always very complicated. We knew we needed a plan. Within a few minutes the entire team was on board to help this poor dog. Dr. Gilson was ready to see him, his foster mom was eager to welcome him, Jane was ready to groom him & Elli was on her way to get him. About 30 minutes later, he was safe in the front seat of Elli‘s little car. We decided to name hime Noah. This gentle giant looked awful. The smell of infection was so prominent that she could barely breathe. She rushed him in to see our medical team.

Upon arrival Dr. Gilson examined Noah. He was matted from head to toe. His coat was filthy and wreaked. His ears were absolutely awful. This poor dog has been suffering from infection for a very long time. It is evident that he had hematomas on both ears that were never addressed. The ears are so thick with scar tissue, that it almost looks like cauliflower ear. His ear canals are closed so tight from chronic infection that it was extremely difficult to examine them. This was bad… Like really bad. Dr. Gilson explained that due to the severity of his condition, he needs bilateral total ear canal ablations. essentially, Dr. Gilson would go in and remove the ear canal to prevent further infection. The next major discovery was two golf ball size masses growing on him. One on the top of his ear and one that was open on his paw. Bloodwork revealed that he was anemic. This poor old dog. We then scanned him for a micro chip and sure enough… he had one.

Our work was not done there. After heading home, Elli researched and found the information on his microchip. The owner was not answering or responding. We continued to dig and found the owners place of business. Elli called and left a message for asking them to please contact us. Finally, Noah’s owner responded to the text saying that he had gotten out the night before. This was of major concern for us because of the condition he was in… I then called to talk over what we were seeing, his medical needs and offer help. The owner quickly expressed she had a new baby and no longer wanted to care for him. She sent over a completely owner surrender app and welcomed Noah to the family. It was only going up from here for this big guy.

Noah is a remarkable animal. He is resilient and loving even though he lived through what appears to be years of medical neglect. We are wasting no time in getting Noah healthy and happy. His journey to good health includes multiple major procedures. First, the removal of the mass on his ear and paw as well as a neuter. Next, we have the big one… bilateral total ear canal ablation. In this procedure the surgeon removes all of the diseased and infected ear canals while leaving the hearing organ itself or the inner ear in place. The middle ear chamber is carefully inspected by the surgeon at the time of the operation and any abnormal tissue or material is removed. Dr. Gilson says that Noah’s ears are the worst he has ever seen… in his case the previously infected tissue has calcified. I can’t imagine the pain.

He reminds us so much of Larry. He is a true gentle giant. He loves all animals, big and small. We can’t wait for him to him to feel better. The cost of Noah’s medical care is going to run just over $4,000 if there are not any major “hiccups” along the way. We know this is a lot but he deserves the chance to be comfortable again. If you are able to make a contribution towards the ever growing expenses of our little rescue, it would be forever appreciated. Please keep Noah in your thoughts and prayers today. We are giving him the absolute best care. That’s a promise! ✨ Thank YOU for helping us #SAVETHESTREETDOGS

Noah’s Wishlist