Taylor Marie

After being dumped on the side of the road it was discovered that Taylor was suffering from a terminal condition. With supportive therapy Taylor can live a happy and pain free life for up to a year. We are committed to making sure the last months of life happy.



Waylon suffered a severe spinal fracture. Someone then left him to suffer with hundreds of ticks, bed sores and covered in urine. He will be paralyzed for the rest of his life but this boy has so much life in him.


Buddha was rescued from a junk yard with 4 other dogs in awful condition. At only 4 months old he has many critical medical issues. Infected fluid recurring in his abdomen, a deformed spine and he is not able to control his bladder/colon.

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Little Red

Little Red is Buddha’s mom. Someone in the area surrounding the junkyard shot her with a pellet gun. She has had surgery to combat the infection but the pellet will remain inside her.

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