Blondie was sitting at the shelter on the euthanasia list when we first saw her photos. We rushed down before they even opened to rescue her. We are shocked by of awful condition. This poor girl is suffering from neglect, loose teeth and mange. She also has a weird shape to her spine and is not using her back legs properly and her blood work looks awful.



Wilbur was saved from euthanasia at the county shelter. He has a broken jaw, a punctured eye, burn marks and is missing half his ear. We will never know what happened to this poor dog but we do know he will only have the best from here on out.


Noah was saved from the side of a busy street. The sweet senior golden wants nothing more than love. He was severely neglected and faces many medical challenges. He has multiple masses, horrible teeth and the most severely infected ears we have ever seen.




Bubbles was set to be euthanized at the humane society because of a large mass. We prepared for him to be a hospice dog as we just did not want him to die alone in the shelter. To our surprise our amazing vet staff believed they could remove the mass.


Waylon suffered a severe spinal fracture. Someone then left him to suffer with hundreds of ticks, bed sores and covered in urine. He will be paralyzed for the rest of his life but this boy has so much life in him.

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