Buddha came to Sky Sanctuary from an abandoned junkyard in Wittman, Arizona. At only four months old, it took us three days to bring him to safety due to how fearful he was. This puppy was terrified and severely under socialized due to lack of human interaction. He was in critical condition. Buddha had a belly full of fluid that required emergency surgery to be drained.

Medically, the cause of his condition remains a terrifying mystery. He is a very complex case that include starvation, deformities, trauma, age, etc. We have run every test, panel and culture that the doctors have ordered and everything has come back “normal”. Leaving us without answers to what caused the mystery fluid to build up in his abdomen. This dog is far from normal as the fluid continues to come back requiring it to be drained every other week. Dr. Gilson believes that he was born with deformities and also has suffered trauma to his back end, potentially was hit by a car. His spine has at least three “butterfly vertebras” which is causing the “humps” on his back. All of the little pieces of his pelvis, hips, knees are shifted and do not line up properly. This part of his diagnosis appears to be from previous trauma that he must have endured in his short little life. Due to the previously mentioned medical issues, he experiences episodes of incontinence. It really seems as if his little body is working against him.

Emotionally, he is healing. He now responds to his name. He rolls around playing in the for hours and hours each day. He loves swimming and playing with other dogs. When he gets tired or the playing gets “too wild” he runs to me to feel safe. Yes, he runs to a human for safety… quite the turn around from the semiferal puppy that I brought home. If he had a tail, I believe it would be wagging most of the day. He is so spoiled here.

The next step for Buddha is exploratory abdominal surgery. This is a major procedure for such a little puppy but it feel like it’s our only hope. We need to find out what is causing the fluid to fill his abdomen so that we can stop it. This surgery will cost over $3,000 but we know he is worth every penny. This little guy is a fighter. He really wants to live. With your help, we can give him his best chance at life. Thank you for helping us #SAVETHESTREETDOGS

Buddha’s Wishlist