We were alerted to this sweet seniors presence at our local shelter. He was set to be humanely euthanized on Tuesday afternoon after his stray hold ran out. The shelters medical team questioned his quality of life due to the large mass on his rectal area as they did not believe it could be removed and the risk of infection was just too high. They agreed to let us take him as long as we understood his time might be limited.

We prepared his foster mom that he might not make it to their home. That Dr. Gilson might recommend humane euthanasia if deemed inoperable. We knew it might be a few days of love and care out of the shelter before he needed to go to heaven… but he needed a chance and a second opinion before that call could be made.

Elli & Skye picked up this sweet old man from Arizona Humane and took him directly to see Dr. Gilson. His ailments were horrificly shocking. We were so worried at what he might say as he examined the tennis ball size open mass on his rectum. Our eyes lit up when we heard the word… “Operable” 🙌🏼 This is why we LOVE our medical team. Dr. Gilson is a highly skilled board certified surgeon with many years of knowledge behind him. Thank God for second changes and second opinions.

Dr. Gilson believes that Bubbles mass is hormone driven. He also discovered two more smaller masses on his paw and stomach. He felt it was important to neuter him immediately so the rectal mass potentially stops growing. He was able to clear his schedule and make room for him immediately. While he was under anesthesia, he biopsied the mass to see if it is cancerous.

Now for the fun part… I get to tell you how WONDERFUL this dog his. He might look rather old and broken down but you would be blown away by the energy and joy this sweet old pug has. His Bubbly personality would put a smile on anyone’s face. He loves to play, nuzzle into your arms and give sideways kisses to anyone and everyone.

In Bubbles next procedure Dr. Gilson wil remove all three masses including the giant rectal growth. We don’t want to waste anytime getting rid of that awful thing. He will also have his infected teeth removed and remaining teeth cleaned. Like all medical treatments, that doesn’t come with out a cost. If you are willing or able to contribute toward the growing expensive of our little rescue, we would be so greatly appreciated. We are so excited to give Bubbles a second change at new life. Thank YOU for helping us #SAVETHESTREETDOGS


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