Please keep Bruce in your thoughts and prayers right now. Many of you may remember this sweet little boy whom we rescued after he spent months wandering the Phoenix streets in the middle of summer in his Batman sweater. When Bruce first came to us he was terrified of people, matted and severely underweight. After weeks of decompression time he started to trust. He spent the next few months learning how to live in a home. He began to thrive and was adopted by a wonderful couple.

Bruces health started to decline a few weeks ago. He has been back and forth from the veterinarian and emergency clinic since them. Desperate for help and answers, his owners reached out to us in a panic. The pain brought back all of the fear making it impossible to manage and administer medication. We of course flew to his aid. Bruce is back in our car and he is now in route to Sunburst Animal Hospital where he will remain hospitalized. He is experiencing a combination of symptoms that typically do not coincide. We are are confused, afraid and hopeful that their staff can help manage the pain he is experiencing. His screams are just heartbreaking. Hoping and praying that we get our happy boy back soon. I will keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Bruce’s Wish List