How does this happen? How long has she been like this? I will never understand how an animal comes to be in such terrible condition. This poor little dog… Halloween morning this girl was found on the streets. She was brought to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. When we saw the video of her at the county shelter we literally gasped.

Elli and I put a plan together to get her out. Eager to get her, we were waiting at the shelter doors as they opened Saturday morning. I don’t even know how to put into words how bad her skin condition is. Her teeth were loose and protruding out of her mouth. Her eyes were cloudy. We could see every bone in her body even under the thick layer of hardened scabs. The smell… it was overwhelming.

On the way to the Clinic, Elli and I thought about names for her. We decided to name her Blondie as we are optimistic that one day she will be healthy and have blonde beautiful coat of fur. Dr. Gilson examined this sad little soul. A skin scrape revealed demodex mites under her skin. Sweet girl has mange, thankfully it is non contagious unlike scabies. She was treated with an oral medication to kill the mites under her skin. She was diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis sicca which is why her eyes have central corneal opacities. She will need to be on prescription eye ointment for the remainder of her life. Bloodwork revealed elevated globulins, anemia and high kidney values. We have sent out tick and valley fever tests. Her teeth bottom teeth are exposed. Her lower jaw is off Dr. Gilson is concerned about the her back and legs as well. Her back has a high arch and she experiences lameness of the back legs when she walks. Because she is not stable enough to go under anesthesia, her leg and mouth issues will need to be addressed at a later time as they will need surgical intervention.

We brought her home from the hospital yesterday and made her a cozy cave in my master bedroom where she can decompress. She received her first bath this morning and seemed to enjoy the soothing water on her skin. She is still very afraid of people. As much as I want to hold her and love on her, I know that would do more harm than good. I am giving her the space she needs to decompress. Please keep Blondie in your thoughts and prayers. We are hopeful to help her heal both physically and mentally. Any contributions toward her care would be incredibly appreciated. I can only imagine what this little dog has been through… but it’s only going up from here. Thank you for helping us #SAVETHESTREETDOGS