Available Dogs

Please Note: Sky Sanctuary Rescue is run by a very small group of volunteers who also work full time jobs. While we make every effort to respond to applications and messages we receive it is just impossible for us to respond to every one. If the animal you are applying for is still available and your application seems like a good fit we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Penny Lane-Female

This senior girl was discovered by a Good Samaritan after going through hell. Someone had cut off her ears and thrown her into a dumpster at an apartment complex.

Penny does not let the trauma of her past hold her back. Penny Lane is very independent and good with other animals. She loves long walks and “helping” her humans cook dinner. She has such a special twinkle in her eye. If you are interested in learning more about Penney Lane or setting up a meet and greet, please complete the adoption application.

  • Lifetime Microchip
  • Altered
  • Dental


Cindy is a 2 year old girl with a gentle spirit. She is strong, calm and charismatic.

Cindy is tall, lengthy and gorgeous. We joke that she looks like a dear with how long and skinny her legs are. You might ask, what breed is she… but are you ready for this mouthful? Cindy Lou is… Australian Shepard, Saint Bernard, Bloodhound, Boxer, German Shepard, Siberian Husky + Samoyed. Now imagine all of the best qualities from each of those breeds, that’s Cindy Lou. Brains and beauty! 

Cindy’s has already gone through training and her adoption will include free training session so her new owners can learn everything that she has learned. If you are interested in learning more or setting up a meet and greet, please submit an application.

  • Lifetime Microchip
  • Altered


This senior was seized in an animal cruelty case & ended up on the euthanasia list due to the severity of his condition. After rescuing him we found out he was a diabetic and dove into the process of getting his blood glucose regulated. 

He is so very gentle and sweet despite his dark and scary past. His ability to love unconditionally is incredible. Though he is unable see, he quickly learns the lay out of the home and yard. He loves animals of all sizes and follows their lead within the home. 

He currently receives insulin injections twice a day with meals. We are happy to hold your haNd through learning this, it is easy, I promise! His adoption will come with three months of insulin, syringes, alphatrak glucometer + food. If there is anyone willing to give a home to this special boy.

  • Lifetime Microchip
  • Altered